Sunday, October 30, 2005

Business ? Unprofitable ? Explain !

Some may ask : why on earth did you host your Business & Cigars blog on ?

  1. It is my website. I own this domain. Hence it is cost-efficient (see I am quite business minded after all!)
  2. Mmmh how to say... I am not rich, and I would hate to talk about business letting my readers (if any :-) believe that I am some successful guy living in Grand Cayman, retired at 29, after a successful carreer in investment banking... The truth is that I am just another guy, trying to make a living... Conclusion : let's be down to earth and call this non-serious website about Business & Cigars ""



Blogger Jerome said...

FYI, Since the publication of this post, the name of this blog has been changed to "Cigar & Co."

12:05 PM  

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