Monday, October 31, 2005

Flavoured Cigars

The Wikipedia article I mentioned in one of my last post, refers to a blog dedicated to cigars : With a name like this, the user/surfer sort of expect to find a serious website ( not to say "the" serious website) about Cigars we all have been looking for... But what a bad surprise !
  • A whole section is dedicated to flavoured cigars (sic). Yes I'm serious : vanilla, kalhua, rose, flavoured cigars... What the hell is that ? Has anyone heard about a peach flavoured Bordeaux ? Or a coffee flavoured whiskey ? What is wrong with you people !? A cigar tastes natural tobacco leaves and that's the beauty of it !
  • Same remark about the Acid cigars (sic).
  • Click on the "Cuban cigars" section. They have like 2 or 3 posts. It's like a website dedicated to Porsche cars with no information on 911 ! Understand me here : you can find good cigars outside of Cuba. But the Cuban cigar is like the classic.
With all the disrepect required : shame on CigarBlogger !



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