Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Partagas Coronas Senior

Just smoked a Partagas Coronas Senior, Partagas (would-be) answer to Monte Cristo #3. Actually Partagas is manufacturing another Corona called the Partagas Deluxe. I got to know from a friend that one is hand rolled, while the other one is mechanically rolled. The problem is that Partagas keeps on changing which one is hand rolled and which one is mechanically rolled. The result is that is difficult to know which one is the good one.

The Coronas Senior I smoked was probably not a hand rolled cigar. The taste was not fantastic. Nothing to be ashamed of, just not very tasty and poor aroma.

Analysis :
Brand : Partagas
Origin : Cuba
Size : Eminentes
Colour : EMS
Rating : B- (best AAA+ / worst D)



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