Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cigar Rating

I rate a lot of cigars in this blog, yet I realized I never gave any specific information about my ranking. I gotta fix that. Here you go :

My ranking for cigar ranges from AAA+ (best) to D (worst).
  • AAA : Outstanding, fantastic, nothing you can complain about, above the crowd
  • AA: Very serious cigar, very rich flavours and aroma, perfect combustion
  • A: Very good cigar, rich flavours and aroma, good combustion
  • BBB : Good cigar, nice flavour and aroma, enjoyable yet not exceptional
  • BB : Nothing to be ashamed of, just a regular cigar, with some flavour
  • B : Still smokable, but starts to lack the fundamentals
  • C : Not a good cigar, poor aroma, poor taste, bad combustion
  • D : Nightmare
The "+" sign (if any) means that this smoke could be even better (if only I had a box of 50, if only this cigar could age for some years in my humi., etc.)
The "-" sign (if any) means that I don't think the cigar rating could be improved by external conditions.