Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Best cigar ever ?

I had a Partagas D4 the other day. One of my favourite, definitely.
The problem with Cuban cigars is very clear though: consistency. We all know that in every box there will be at least 10% of cigars that will have a problem. Too tightly rolled, not well preserved, cracks in the external leaf... You name it.
This is something that seldom happens with Dominican cigars. Consistency wise, the cigar blogger that I am ought to admit that Dominicans are one or two steps ahead of Cubans.
Hopefully for Cubans, there is another side of the coin. Indeed my personal theory is that if you can say that 10% of each box will be below your expectations, you can also probably be certain that one cigar (at least) will be absolutely exceptional. Such a "lucky strike" happened to me the other day, when I lit this Partagas D4...
Perfect taste, perfect combustion, full of flavours (earth & leather mainly)... I smoked it until the very very end...
Brand : Partagas (D4)
Origin : Cuba
Size : robusto
My rating : usually : A+, this one : AAA+ (best : AAA+, worst : D)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found your site today - very glad I did. Good stuff.

Anway the PSD4 is one of my favorite smokes. May very well be the best ever I agree. :)

6:22 PM  

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