Monday, March 20, 2006

A Classic : the Churchill by Romeo y Julieta

I had a Romeo y Julieta's Churchill the other night. I honestly forgot how good a smoke it is. Do not ask yourself if this cigar is as good as it once was ? Do not listen to those who foresee a general decline of the Cuban cigars, just buy it and smoke it !

The Churchill by Romeo y Julieta starts with a very distinct woody flavour which is absolutely unique. The second third (the "divin") is somehow more confused, yet absolutely tasty with subtle notes of chestnut... The last part of the cigar delivers a strong and deep earthy feel. The tastes are not so complex, but every note is deep and unmistakable.

Should have smoked more of those, definitely will !

Brand : Romeo y Julieta
Origin : Cuba
Format : Churchill
Rating : AA+ (please refer to my Cigar Rating Chart)



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