Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cubans vs. Dominicans (part 2)

I am now fully recovered (pls. refer to my last post on Cubans vs. Dominicans), and I could smoke my first Cuban today (Sancho Panza, Corona). Yesterday evening I smoked the last Davidoff which was still sleeping in my cave. I would like, once again, to spend a few lines to try to describe my feelings.

Davidoff's combustion is perfect. Simply perfect. Davidoff cigars' draw was way better than most of the Cubans I have ever had. This Sancho Panza I had today, did not burn half as good as my Davidoff yesterday... But the aromas... hey, get real ! I would prefer to smoke one Sancho Panza, rather than two or even three Davidoffs... Sad but true.



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