Monday, December 26, 2005

Cubans vs. Dominicans

Got sick last week (fever, coughing, the usual cold you get during Paris winter)... I had to stop smoking for a week or so. Then I felt I could not start right away to smoke my regular Cubans again. I felt that to recover fully, I'd better start with something lighter, yet tasty. Enter the Dominicans cigars !
I had a few of them : Davidoffs, Griffins, Avo, you name it... I almost smoked everything that was non Cuban in my humid.

The verdict ? Well with all due respect... I'm sorry to say that with their best efforts, Dominicans simply don't match Cubans. They're just way too mild to deliver the same kind of aromas you can find in a Cuban cigar. And it's not like I'm psycho-rigid, I do appreciate non-Cuban cigars from time to time.

I know that consistency wise, Dominicas ought to be praised. But taste/aroma wise ?

Public Appeal : I'm an open minded person, if by any chance you know a Dominican brand which you believe equals the Cubans in the aroma/taste segment (richness of flavours), just react to this post (link below).



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