Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ramon Allones : Gigantes (Doble Coronas)

I did buy a couple of those, during my Last trip to Geneva. I had to find the good occasion to light one of these babies... Definitely not the kind of cigars you light up for nothing ! You have to find the right timing (prepare yourself for more than 90 minutes of pleasure), the right location (you'd better open the window :), and the right company (avoid your new girlfriend).

Well I managed to secure a decent time slot which allowed me to enjoy my first Ramon Allones Gigantes.

Firstly, the box is absolutely beautiful, with a superb green mixed with shades of gold (I'll put a picture of my box, when I find time). I keep this box just because I love the design! Secondly, the cigar in itself looks imperial, with its wonderful light brown, and goldish ring. Finally, the taste. It is a great cigar, and not surprisingly for a cigar of this size, full of different, yet subtle, flavours : liquorice, flowers, chestnut, woody sometime, but never earthy.

You should try one of those !

Brand : Ramon Allones
Origin : Cuba
Format : Double Corona
Rating : AAA [please refer to my Cigar Rating Chart].



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