Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to move with you cigars ? (travel humidor - Part. 2)

I have eventually moved to Hong Kong...

No real impact on this blog you may say, that is correct, but a big impact on my cigars ! So here comes the only valid question : how do you move with your cigars ?

Well of course the problem is kind of easy if you're moving from Harlem to Manhattan, or from Shibuya to Shinjyuku, etc. You just bring your humidor along with you. My problem was slightly more complex : I had to move my entire cigar estate (humidor, travel humidor & cigars) from Paris to Hong Kong...

This is where the travel humidor becomes handy, doesn't it ? Well, sadly, not really. The travel humidor I bought a couple of months proved itself to be stylish, well built... but not very functional. Cigars are moving within it when you transport them, and they can easily be damaged. On top of that, you have to carry the damn thing always on an horizontal position, otherwise you are rocking the cigars even more... Consider it as a transportable humidor, more than a travel humidor. My favourite humidor boutique in Paris (Elie Bleu look for their boutique next to La Concorde, between the Buddha Bar and the Crion Palace Hotel), recommended I buy a "cigar caddy", as the gentleman at Elie Bleu was putting it "the cigar caddy is the exact opposite of your travel humidor : it is hugly, quite cheap, but by far the most convenient way to transport your cigar safely."

Manufactured by OtterBox, they sell on-line! Higly recommandable + Lifetime guaranteed !



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