Monday, October 09, 2006

H. Upmann - Edicion Limitada 2005 - Magnum 50

Enters the new Duke of cigars : the Upmann Edicion Limitada 2005 Magnum 50. Superb cigar ! Unusual size (double robusto), this jewel is probably as good a smoke as it is beautiful. As a true Magnum 46 lover, my expectations were quite high... Well I was not disappointed at all !

The Magnum 50 is a great cigar, a debonair ! With marvelous, yet complex flavours : almond is definitely there, roasted nuts shows up quite often, along with hints of honey... A superb smoke !

I have a rule that says that I cannot give a triple "A" to a cigar if I only smoked one... So I can only give it a "AA+" while waiting for the next beautiful day where I will be able to light another one ;-)
Please refer to my cigar rating chart.



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