Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cohiba Double Corona Limited Edition 2003

The friend of mine who owns the Partagas 155th anniversary cabinet, also had a box of Cohiba Double Corona Limited Edition 2003 (lucky bastard !)... He was kind enough to give me one of these.

To be honest, I did not know exactly what to expect. I mean obviously this cigar had very good reviews, the brand is supposedly the best Cuban brand, blablabla... yet Double Corona is a very competitive format : a lot of very serious brands fight in this arena, with very serious players involved. We're talking Ramon Allones Gigantes, Partagas Lusitania, Hoyo de Monterrey Doble Coronas, Punch Doble Coronas, etc. And, let's face it, Cohiba is also famous for being quite expensive... some would say over-hyped...

So... what's the outcome ? Well, I have to say that this cigar tastes really really good. Bouquet of spices at the beginning, then strong hints of chocolate, superb earthy finale, truely a pleasure. Any critics ? Yes, well just one actually : for the same price I can buy two Ramon Allones Gigantes !

Brand : Cohiba
Origin : Cuba
Format : Double Coronas
Rating : AA+ [please refer to my Cigar Rating Chart].


You can have a look at the complete smoke on my Flickr account.