Friday, August 17, 2007

Hoyo de Monterey Doble Coronas

Check out this superb smoke! I am usually not the greatest fan of Hoyo de Monterey which I often find too soft (when they don't simply lack taste). Both the Epicure Numero 2, and the short robusto are far to meet my standards. But yet another case where cigars (as well as others beings) should not be pronounced guilty by association: the double corona by Hoyo de Monterey is a great cigar!

In this category, my favourite was so far the Ramon Allones Gigantes. It will be probably stay there, though the Hoyo de Monterey may show up in my ranking as a "beautiful loser". It is rather light yet very consistent, and quite subtle : almonds, creamy, caramel, buttery, vanilla. Yummy!



Blogger Faizan Aslam said...

Yea, The Magnums by H. Upmann were in Cigar Aficionado last issue I think. They got a pretty good rating and are definitely less expensive.

Now this can be the answer to finding best cigars

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Getting a Restaurant Job said...

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