Sunday, December 14, 2014

Back from the dead... This blog is alive again!


Hi all,

A lot has happened since my last post... I think it was somewhere in 2007... I was talking about a Hoyo de Monterey Double Corona... Not bad for a farewell! A truly amazing cigar.

What has happened since then? I stopped smoking cigars... And started again, reasonably of course. This blog is obviously not about promoting a way of life based on dependence and addiction. Clearly not.

This blog is about freedom. Freedom to smoke some of the best (Cuban) cigars and enjoy life to the full, because life, as well as good cigars, are always too short! So enjoy this...

I'm still a French guy living in Asia, now between Shanghai (too much) and Hong Kong (not enough). I won't bother you with business topics anymore, now it will mostly be about cigars... I may add here and there comments about music or a good book but don't worry I won't lose my focus...

See you soon.



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