Monday, October 31, 2005

Afternoon smoke

I went to my cigar store this morning and got one of my favourite cigar : Partagas D4 (Cuba), a classic. I also asked the sales guy for something small, light, for a decent early afternoon smoke. I settled for a Dominican AVO (named after company founder, former jazz pianist Avo Uvezian), petit corona. I did appreciate this smoke... I hate to say it all right, but I acknowledge that a Dominican cigar can be good...

Analysis :
Brand : AVO
Origin : Dominican Republic
Size : petit corona
Colour : SMS
Rating : BBB- (best AAA+ / worst D)


Flavoured Cigars

The Wikipedia article I mentioned in one of my last post, refers to a blog dedicated to cigars : With a name like this, the user/surfer sort of expect to find a serious website ( not to say "the" serious website) about Cigars we all have been looking for... But what a bad surprise !
  • A whole section is dedicated to flavoured cigars (sic). Yes I'm serious : vanilla, kalhua, rose, flavoured cigars... What the hell is that ? Has anyone heard about a peach flavoured Bordeaux ? Or a coffee flavoured whiskey ? What is wrong with you people !? A cigar tastes natural tobacco leaves and that's the beauty of it !
  • Same remark about the Acid cigars (sic).
  • Click on the "Cuban cigars" section. They have like 2 or 3 posts. It's like a website dedicated to Porsche cars with no information on 911 ! Understand me here : you can find good cigars outside of Cuba. But the Cuban cigar is like the classic.
With all the disrepect required : shame on CigarBlogger !


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cigar 101

For the very beginner, I found a fascinating webpage to discover the universe of cigars. Not surprisingly it is a Wikipedia article. You will find all the basic information in it. Click here to access.


Business ? Unprofitable ? Explain !

Some may ask : why on earth did you host your Business & Cigars blog on ?

  1. It is my website. I own this domain. Hence it is cost-efficient (see I am quite business minded after all!)
  2. Mmmh how to say... I am not rich, and I would hate to talk about business letting my readers (if any :-) believe that I am some successful guy living in Grand Cayman, retired at 29, after a successful carreer in investment banking... The truth is that I am just another guy, trying to make a living... Conclusion : let's be down to earth and call this non-serious website about Business & Cigars ""


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blog this or blog that ?

What are we supposed to say/write/confess in a blog ?

Tough question uh ?! Personally I am against the "personal diary" blog, well not "against"... but it's just not for me.
Second option : the "put-everything-in-it" blog : here is my life, my wife, my favourite movie, the worst book I have ever read, one piece of advise for George W. Bush, etc. I think that such blogs can be can be truly amazing (0.01%), or absolutely boring (99.99%) !

I believe the key to a good blog is to focus. Find something you like, and speak about it. You might just be more relevant and entertaining than talking about your "life".

Well to me that will be Business & (preferably Cuban) Cigars. Not to say that I'm an expert in any of those fields, but I do like cigars, and since it might be boring to talk only about cigars, I might talk here and there about business... After all it is a subject which interests quite a lot of people (apparently) !

BTW, I am French and currently live in Paris. I write in English (I mean, I try to !) because a) it is the best way to improve, b) I hope I can reach a broader audience.