Tuesday, March 28, 2006

H. Upmann Magnum 46

Yummy, Yummy !
Oh, what a great cigar ! I read enthusiastic comments about it, and guess what they were all true.
I bought about half a dozen of those during my last trip to Geneva. I smoked two of them so far. To be fully honest, the first one was not exceptional (but I suspect that I did not cut it properly too...). The second one was a pure delight : genuine candy !

Caramel, spices, ginger bread, a lot of well defined yet subtle flavours. A must-smoke ! Will buy more of those !

Furthermore, I do appreciate the format. I love Robusto, but when a Robusto is good, don't you ever feel like you could smoke a tiny little bit more? Well I do! The answer to this frustration might well be the Corona Gorda.

Brand : H. Upmann
Origin : Cuba
Format : Corona Gorda
Rating : AA+ and possibly AAA (will come back on this). [please refer to my Cigar Rating Chart]


Monday, March 20, 2006

Cigar Wallpaper (part 2)

Since it is one of my bestseller (i.e. the sucess of the first Cigar Wallpaper), please find hereafter the second one : the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Wallpaper !

Enjoy :)


A Classic : the Churchill by Romeo y Julieta

I had a Romeo y Julieta's Churchill the other night. I honestly forgot how good a smoke it is. Do not ask yourself if this cigar is as good as it once was ? Do not listen to those who foresee a general decline of the Cuban cigars, just buy it and smoke it !

The Churchill by Romeo y Julieta starts with a very distinct woody flavour which is absolutely unique. The second third (the "divin") is somehow more confused, yet absolutely tasty with subtle notes of chestnut... The last part of the cigar delivers a strong and deep earthy feel. The tastes are not so complex, but every note is deep and unmistakable.

Should have smoked more of those, definitely will !

Brand : Romeo y Julieta
Origin : Cuba
Format : Churchill
Rating : AA+ (please refer to my Cigar Rating Chart)


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cigar Shopping in Geneva

I went skiing for a couple of days in the French Alps. Me and one of my cigar buddy went to Geneva in order to buy some cigars. Some friends recommended us to visit the boutique «Raffi Cigares» (2-4, place Longemalle 1204 Genève Tel : 00 41 22 311 97 40). Good shop, well maintained, good prices (FYI, and as far as Cigars are concerned, Switzerland is cheaper than France, yet more expansive than Spain).

I bought :
  • Ramon Allones - Gigantes
  • Upman - Magnum 46
  • Cohiba - Siglo VI
  • Montecristo - N°2

Raffi's choice is quite good while service is excellent. (One of the) place to go in Geneva.